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Established in 1498 – six years after Columbus discovered America – The Shore Porters Society began as a group of porters, or ‘Pynours’ who worked at Aberdeen Harbour and formed, for their mutual protection, what must be one of the oldest co-operatives in existence.

In 1666, as the Great Fire of London raged, the Superannuated Members Fund, or Property and Warehousing Department, was founded as one of two distinct trading units to provide for retired and sick partners. The other unit was known as the General Haulage Department, the Horse and Van Department, or simply the Working Department.

For centuries the Society was a semi-public body under the control of Aberdeen Town Council, but by 1850 – the year before the Great Exhibition – it was completely independent.

Who We Are Today

The Shore Porters Society is now a Private Partnership comprising seven partners, five retired members and one widow. The Working Department trades as International Removers and Hauliers and operates out of Aberdeen and Richmond Upon Thames, London, with a fleet of 70 lorries and vans.

We provide general haulage services for commercial customers, for example transporting forklift truck batteries to and from a network of sites, for the Norco Group.

Our Removals business is a renowned market leader, carrying out household removals of all sizes both nationally and internationally. We are proud of our 25-year association with the major auction houses, and every day on their behalf we transport antiques and works of art to destinations near and far. We also have a long-established relationship with the oil and gas industry, organising regular personnel moves to and from Aberdeen, the Oil Capital of Europe.

The Property and Warehousing Department now has 11 warehouses in Aberdeen and two in Richmond Upon Thames, storing a vast range of commercial and personal items of all sizes and shapes.


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Lock 'n' Leave

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