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At least 4 weeks beforehand:

  1. Contact Shore Porters to arrange your free, no-obligations survey andquotation; alternatively, visit our online inventory section for a quotation by email.
  2. Confirm as soon as possible after receiving the quotation whether you would like us to proceed.
  3. Research new doctors, dentists and other healthcare specialists close to where you’re moving.

2-3 weeks beforehand:

  1. Organise a change of address card to send to family and friends.
  2. Notify every agency that needs to know of your change of address.
  3. Arrange professional disconnection of gas cookers and other appliances you are removing.
  4. Cancel deliveries of paper, milk, etc and settle any outstanding accounts.
  5. Put all your documents and valuables in a single safe place.

3 days beforehand:

  1. Pack a bag with a change of clothes, toiletries and a ‘survival kit’ for the other end. This could include: light bulbs, fuses, tools, toilet roll, candles, passport, birth certificates, matches, cash, phone charger and a list of important phone numbers.
  2. Check where to collect the keys for your new home.
  3. Move all outside plants and furniture into a dry area, so they can dry out for moving day.

2 days beforehand:

  1. Empty, defrost and dry out your fridge/freezer.
  2. Seal packets, bottles or jars with tape to prevent any spillage.

1 day beforehand:

  1. Prepare food, drink and utensils for moving day.
  2. Get your plants ready for the removal.
  3. Charge your mobile phone.

Moving day:

  1. Make sure the kids are happy – if they’re going to be in the house with you, settle them in a room with plenty to play with. If older children want to help, encourage them to pack their own box and assist you with safe, simple tasks.
  2. Once everything is loaded, walk around with a member of the removal team to make sure you’re not leaving behind anything you want to remove.
  3. Take meter readings in your old and new homes.
  4. Arrive before your removal team so you can have a good look around your new property.
  5. Give the team a full tour of the house when they arrive.

Shore Porters can supply a full range of robust packing materials for sale, custom-built to protect just about anything you need to pack for removal ...

and believe it or not, that recently included a consignment of 100 antique stuffed animal heads!

Our custom-made, branded materials include: various sizes of boxes and cartons, crates, plastic bags for mattresses and sofas, bubble-wrap, and – for international removals only – specialist paper blankets, polystyrene sheets and foam.

For guidance in selecting packing materials from Shore Porters, please refer to our Box Ready Reckoner.






18" x 18" x 20"

46 x 46 x 52

Use for China, Glassware, Toys, Pans, Electrical Items & Small Appliances


18" x 18" x 10"

46 x 46 x 26

Use for Books, Records, Tools, Foodstuff, Heavy Items, Bottles & Liquids


18" x 18" x 20"

46 x 46 x 52

Use for Linen, Folded Clothes & Soft Toys


20" x 18" x 50"

51 x 46 x 127

Use for hanging Clothes, Tall Plants



2 x O Cartons per Kitchen Cupboard Door

2 x W Cartons per Single Door Wardrobe

It's always reassuring to know that you will be in safe hands

Whether you’re moving round the corner, or relocating overseas, the key to a safe and successful move is proper packing.

Renowned worldwide as expert packers of items of all shapes and sizes, Shore Porters offers a flexible single or multi-item packing service which can be carried out either at a customer’s home or office, or on our own premises.

Equipped with the latest fit-for-purpose materials and centuries of experience in making the best possible use of space, we will work quickly and unobtrusively to ensure your possessions stay safe and secure for the duration of their journey.

Alternatively, if you prefer to do your own packing, we can, in conjunction with BAR Services, supply a range of mainstream and specialist services

Frequently Asked Questions

When should we start planning our move?
As soon as you know you are moving, call Shore Porters and ask for a Representative to call round. We will quickly assess your requirements and establish a timescale, costs, special arrangements, etc. See our pre-move survey and international pre-move survey sections for more details.

Will you advise us on the easiest way of carrying out our move?
Of course, and we are delighted to help. Our free, no-obligation survey andquotation will be tailored to your individual needs and budget. For example, Shore Porters can pack everything, only breakables or nothing (providing you with boxes to pack yourself) – it’s your choice. We can also advise on specialist packing of items such as antiques, pictures and objects of sentimental value.

Is there any way of saving costs?
Shore Porters has an excellent reputation for providing a first-class service. However, that doesn’t mean we charge the most expensive fees!

With the free, no-obligations assessment available from our experienced team, your quote will always be tailored to your needs and budget. And if you can be flexible about your moving date, we can even advise on further cost-saving solutions, such as sharing the load with other customers going your way.

To find out just how competitive our costs are, why not contact us for a free, no-obligations estimate, or complete the online inventory.

If we’re moving overseas, who handles that?
Shore Porters, of course – to anywhere in the world. Our global network of trusted agents work to our own high standards and so you can be assured that you will always be in safe and experienced hands. We are regularly audited by FIDI –the largest global alliance of independent quality international removal companies – and are members of the US-based International Association of Removers (IAM). Also, as members of the British Association of Removers (BAR) Overseas Group, we are financially vetted and bonded to guarantee your move.

What if we need to store some of our furniture?
Shore Porters is pleased to offer a range of secured and alarmed storage options to suit your specific requirements.

Is there anything else we need to know about Shore Porters?
Please remember:

  • We are the world's longest-established and therefore most experienced transportation company - in business since 1498

  • Our reputation is built on service, security, reliability and excellent value for money

  • The Shore Porters Society is run by experienced professionals who work every day in the business and are always on hand to help you with advice about your move

  • We care passionate about ensuring the smoothest possible move for you and your possessions.

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