Love Of The Challenge Takes Colin To All Corners Of The Globe

Image of Colin at Shore Porters Society

He’s helped transport haggis to South America, books to Ulan Baatar in Outer Mongolia and sledges to Longyearbyen in the high Norwegian Arctic but for one Aberdeen-based international removal manager overcoming logistical and political challenges are all in a day’s work.

And it’s this love of the challenge that has seen Colin Davidson clock up over 23 years’ service with removals and haulage specialists The Shore Porters’ Society, helping ship items to all corners of the world.

Since beginning his career within the industry in 1991, Colin has witnessed and overcome a number of changes and fresh challenges that have appeared in what is a constantly evolving removals sector.

Advancements in new technology, changes to legislation and even in some cases alterations to country names and boundaries have all been a contributing factor behind this evolution. Coupled with a variety of clients all with their unique requirements, these changes have resulted in Colin and his team facing a number of different scenarios almost on a daily basis.

Colin explained further: “I joined Shore Porters in the summer of 1991 and when I started, all documents travelled by post, courier or fax. Communication was by telephone and dealing with clients overseas was a bit of a logistical nightmare; and that was before you started moving their items.

“Obviously with the technological advancements of the past years, it is now easier to communicate with people who are abroad and it has helped considerably. Despite this, it’s still a challenging industry, with an ever changing political and geographical world adding to the flux we witness in terms of legislation and what you can and cannot take into a country.

“The job also differs from day-to-day in that no two moves are the same. We could be in charge of a family move that are looking to transport their entire home and contents overseas or it could be a company transfer to another location. All come with their own set of unique requirements that results in a different plan of action for each.

“To aid with overcoming these challenges, I’ve been lucky enough to build up friendship and respect with overseas agents which puts us in the position of providing joint solutions to some of the trickier moves that we’ve encountered. A mutual respect and strong working relationships is definitely an asset within this industry.”

As Colin looks ahead to achieving further service milestones with the company, he is encouraging those who are looking to pursue a varied and stimulating career to look at the international removals industry as a starting point and believes that working within the sector can be both rewarding and insightful.

He added: “I’ve been lucky enough to be involved with some highly interesting moves across the globe; from helping transport mountaineering equipment to the Himalayas to personal belongings for a missionary heading to Quito in Ecuador, there is often a story behind every move and it’s great to play your part in helping people achieve often what is their dream.

“The industry offers variety and great reward for hard work and if you’re a people person with a determination to succeed then a career within the sector is definitely for you.”

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