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Full container Load (FCL)

When moving household items overseas, large metal containers are used to transport goods on ocean vessels.

Two main sizes of containers are available – 20 ft. general purpose containers (capacity 1100 cubic feet / 31 m3) and 40 ft. general purpose containers (capacity 2250 cubic feet / 63 m3).

Customers have the option of using an ‘exclusive’ container, which holds their items only. These units are loaded and security sealed at either customers’ homes or our store, before being routed to their new country.

We can organise for containers to be delivered directly to a new residence, subject to customs and quarantine inspections.

Less Than Container (LCL)

When not using a Full Container, we can pack your items in timber boxes at your residence, before shipping the boxes, along with other groupage consignments, within one container.

These bespoke boxes ensure fragile goods are fully protected and, just as with FCLs, LCL shipments can be moved on weekly sailings to the majority of international destinations.

Groupage Shipments

With Groupage Shipments, you ‘share’ container space with other people who are moving goods to the same country. This is a very popular option for customers transporting smaller items.

However, one point to consider with Groupage Shipping is timescales. When sharing container space, shipments can take longer.

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