Industry View: The Benefits Of Certification

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Throughout school, there is always an emphasis placed on the importance of exams and the doors that a set of exemplary grades can open.

Whether it be for jobs, apprenticeships, university or simply for personal development, the hard work that goes in to achieve a set of qualifications can be worth so much more than simply a paper certificate.

In a business sense, obtaining certifications is akin to gaining a set of Standard Grades or Highers in that the benefits very much outweigh the efforts put into achieving these. Certifications are strategic tools that can help companies overcome some of the most demanding challenges of modern business and the rewards of successfully doing so can be vast.

Ultimately, the streamlining of processes in-house can improve the bottom line and the renewed focus that a quest for certification brings can help achieve this. Similarly, this focus can further enhance customer satisfaction, gain access to new markets as well as making your business more attractive to both new clients and prospective new employees.

One such company who has recently benefitted from this is The Shore Porters’ Society. The company, which has more than 515 years’ experience, dealing with a variety of moves in various sectors, has recently obtained its ISO 9001 certification which is designed to showcase high quality of service within the workplace.

Partner Euan Cuthbert explained: “The company recently underwent its ISO 9001 certification and on achieving it, we’ve instantly benefitted from the process in a number of different ways, none more so than in terms of gaining access to potential new business.

“With the certification now in place, we can open negotiations with companies that we simply wouldn’t have been able to communicate with prior to completing the process.”

Although the benefits of such processes appear to be universal, there is still a stigma attached to them surrounding the amount of work that goes into obtaining something like ISO 9001. However, what many fail to realise is that a number of aspects that are required will already be happening on a day-to-day basis: they just need to be documented so that a company can prove that these processes are in place. In many ways, the most difficult part is maintaining the good work that has been carried out as continued assessment and renewed goal setting means that the entire process is very much on-going.

Euan Cuthbert added: “When we went through the ISO 9001 process, we found that we didn’t have to actually change that much in the way we went about our day-to-day operations. The majority of the requirement was already there and it was simply just a case of recording it as proof.

“The on-going assessment has been particularly beneficial in that it really does cement the fact that we can’t rest on our laurels. As all industries do, the removal sector regularly embraces new technology and advancements and by setting and meeting goals shaped around these, it stands us in good stead for the future development of the company as a whole.”

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